fast spring speed fall
Susanne Dundler, Helen Hetzel, Evelyn Kliesch, Alessia Pennavaria
Fast spring speed fall is an exhibition organised by artists Susanne Dundler, Helen Hetzel, Evelyn Kliesch, and Alessia Pennavaria from the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts in close collaboration with the Hamburg-based project space Come Over Chez Malik’s. The project was developed within the lecture and workshop Prova d’amore - Доказательство любви which took place between July 20th and 22nd 2021. The show will take place in the Nuremberg project space Die Vitrine. The exhibition reflects on the seasonal cyclical nature of fashion, its fast dynamic and highly profitable pressure on ‘buyers’ and the continuous production and disposal of consumer goods and aesthetics in relation to fast-fashion. It also plays with the architecture of Die Vitrine itself and its similarities to the shop windows of luxury shopping malls and boutiques. The show questions the theme of the shop window as a display, as staging and as setting for commodities of high value. Fast spring speed fall refers to common interests in the artistic practices and production of works by the exhibited artists.

Come Over Chez Malik's x Die Vitrine
Königstraße 93
90402 Nuremberg