Ghislain Amar
coming of age
Hi! The exhibition is a take on ‘coming of age’ stories which usually refer to novels and movies that focus on the transition of a protagonist from youth to adulthood. coming of age comprises a series of color and black and white gelatin silver prints I've made in a darkroom that I recently set up in my home and one ‘patchwork’ of inkjet prints of phone photographs taken while working and thinking about this exhibition. I’ve listened to a lot of folk and indie rock mostly from 20 years ago while doing this project, and re-watched the film Thumbsucker and a few other movies as well as the 1994 tv series ‘my so called life’. It’s when I listen to the Elliott Smith cover song of ‘Trouble’ that this show makes sense to me the most. Index of the images: 7:28PM (27.05.2008) I’ve met Rachel and her friend on the street in my then hometown and asked if i could photograph them. I asked Rachel to wear my hoodie for the pictures and she felt awkward. I think that’s why she was laughing then. AA I had a picture in my archive that i took in 2015. For years I would often bump into it and wondered what it was that i liked about it besides the blue toned thing. Until last year November, when i looked at it upside down discovering the two letters written on the shotgun shell. As I had a friend following the 12 step program, i was thinking a lot at the time about how people join such programs with an idea to change their life completely. It’s about adaptation, acceptance and seeing new possibilities in one’s life. I like thinking about this possibility of change. Bball I made this one in April 2020 after two weeks of wanting to photograph stuff I’d put on fire. This was triggered by a friend of mine who burnt a wooden chair on his firepit one night when we were in his garden. I felt it was a really nihilistic gesture. It was at the beginning of the Corona lockdown. Palm holder I bought this device to make photographs with 10 years ago and I kept it in a box until this year. Two hands as alliance or fight. Acne, my cousin’s checker shirt, the roses that I grow in my backyard my friendships at this very precise moment I made this collage tryin gather the people I feel close to in Rotterdam at the moment. Friendships are fluid and always change one way or another. I was curious to visualize it and intend to hang it in my apartment after this show. collage 1 (after My So Called Life) being close to the face of someone Blu Locked minds. Locked hearts My roses and my firepit the roses i grow and the fire i make my so called life at 65 Sunrise enjoy the ride (merci Sophie) Thank u for comin’ x x x Ghislain List of works: coming of age 11 inkjet and handmade silver-gelatin prints, corduroy, wool (framed) 2020 coming of age storyboard Inkjet prints, tape, plastic foil 2020